I say this without absolutely no trepidation: Martin Grech is better than your band. If he could ever finish a damn record, that is. March of the Lonely came out in 2007, and since then he's promised much, decided his name may actually be Meatsuit and released about two albums worth of demos, sketches and half-formed ideas.

It seems, however, that we may finally see a proper LP from the man. 'Mothflower', the first child from the forthcoming Hush Mortal Core, was pushed out the door a few months ago, and it's everything I hoped it would be.

Although it takes big cues from his undisputed masterpiece, Unholy, it's also a wandering bludgeon through everything he's ever put to tape: ambient, acoustic, progressive, violent, soothing and caustic. That horrible 29-word sentence is me telling you it's good.

He says his new record is fully recorded and being mixed right now. I'm not falling for that until I see the whole thing in my greedy paws, but I'm experiencing something dangerously close to hope.