Sometimes you just want people to shut up. Sometimes that includes the music you're listening to, as well. Lyrics often just get in the way, as does structure and the analysis that goes with it. There are occasions when the best thing you can possibly listen to is something that drifts and leaves you to fill in the gaps. There's real reward in that.

Lee Chapman  has just released his incredible Genot Centre / Cosmic Sans live performance, Silent_Night#1: bar do thos grol, as a limited cassette run of 22. I've somewhat broken with tradition here and featured the whole record above, but it's not something you can realistically carve up. To do so would completely dilute its impact and its creator's intent. 

Allow yourselves 45 minutes out of your day, push some headphones against your ears and remove yourselves from distractions. This is what the word evocative was meant for, and it's entirely engrossing. Call it ambient or drone if you must, but it's got an organic, human warmth that is so often lacking in those genres. Nikkoleta Logosová's  art is beautiful, too, so try and snag one of the remaining few cassettes.