Nately's developed in 2011 as an offshoot of Grandfather Birds and were immediately the best band in Newcastle. Across 'Babies' and the rest of their Ribs EP, they showed they could be Deftones, Radiohead, ISIS and Pelican all at once and still make it work, mixed with Zamyatin dystopia and an admirable determination to wear tights on their heads while performing live. Due to their affiliation with The Tyne Bar, they also had a beer named after them, the delicious Nately's Whore's Kid Pilsner. 

If you're not immediately sold by that, there's no hope for your tiny little mind. Nately's petered out at the beginning of 2014 and  Grandfather Birds once again became the priority. This probably has more chance of something approaching a career, but I'll take Nately's every time.

I like to assign distortion a physical counterpart. In this case it would be a slab of preseli spotted dolerite, stolen from Stonehenge and dropped onto a mixing desk. I miss them.