Taking influence from Nirvana and making it seem natural isn't something attainable to most. It just ends up sounding like a knock-off. On last year's split Tourists EP with Slowcoaches, Feature tore the riff from 'Very Ape' and dropped it directly into their own 'Wisdom Teeth.' Against the odds, it worked fantastically (and yes, naturally) - a re-imagining of the familiar, immediately aligning itself with Liam Howlett's approach to 'Voodoo People.'

But 'Tourism Fiction' was the real star. The stop-start dynamics again recalled Cobain, but in that sweet spot in 1990 when they recorded 'Dive' and 'Sliver' and played that impeccable Peel session. That chorus is just perfect, too.

The split 7" / cassette is still available from Unwork Records, and you're a worse human being if you don't complete the purchase. Plus the Slowcoaches stuff is great.

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