"Is this depression or disease? / tell it to the millipedes"

And with that, I was a fan of Andrew Broder, Fog and everything else he worked on. That Hymie's Basement record, his contributions to Odd Nosdam and Jel releases, his sprawling five-tape instrumental set on Brian Records - I poured all of it into my ears.

Broder teamed up with Crescent Moon (Oddjobs, Kill The Vultures) and released a clumsily self-titled EP in July. Luckily, the content is gold. 

'Ritual's darkness is its strength - full of claustrophobic menace and twitchy beats, it commands attention before Crescent Moon has even uttered a word. But when he comes in, he attacks the spaces in between Broder's production and demonstrates why this collaboration is such a perfect fit.

Tapes are limited to 100 and should be picked up from Baro Records' Bandcamp.