Greys' full-length debut, If Anything, was fast, violent, messy, noisy and cathartic. You felt like you could hurt yourself just listening to it.

However, it was also apparent that the band were following an increasingly melodic path from their prior EPs. Tempos were slowing, there was more clean guitar and more of what could reasonably be called singing.  They had more room to stretch out and were willing to do so. 

I'd Hate To Be An Actor' takes this premise one step further. While the guitars still churn and snarl, there's a new hint of Weezer creeping into the melody. From the caterwauling feedback solo to the perfectly judged backing vocals, the song sounds like it's been continually refined until its point is sharpest. It's their most fully-realised creation yet, and sets expectations very high for both their Repulsion EP and the next long player.

It's not really punk and there's no screaming. Going forward, I'm afraid you're just going to have to deal with that.