Buy guitar. Learn power chords. Buy distortion pedal. Start band.

That's how it should be - no dicking around writing progressive epics or wasting time with post-tonal music theory. That all has its place, but it brings no joy except for that which stems from the exclusivity of understanding. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being universal.

TV Ugly are from Vancouver and  play fuzzy garage punk that emphasises brevity, melody and the aforementioned joy. It's impossible to be unhappy listening to 'QC,' even though the lyrics speak of something darker ("maybe you should go outside...maybe all you are is sick of me"). As soon as that hint of melancholy has registered, the band are onto the next song and you're having fun again.

Their new tape, UCLA Yankee Cola (excellent Simpsons reference), is out now on Alarum Records. As your attorney I advise you to go get it.