John Lutkevich's self-titled Soft Fangs EP was a beautiful thing. Harnessing the very best of Sparklehorse's debut and Elliott Smith's Kill Rock Stars period, it spent a lot of time brushing against my ears in 2014. Now he's returned brandishing Golden cassettes and Soft Fangs is still a beautiful thing.

I wasn't going to feature another Seagreen Records alumnus for a bit, but 'Golden' keeps finding its way back into my rotation so I'm compelled to do so anyway. Lutkevich's eerie delivery is a little reminiscent of Daniel Gelinas from Montreal's YouYourself&i here (note to all: listen to more YouYourself&i), and the way the track bursts into messy fuzz at the end is a tiny nugget of joy.

In short, it's essential and will make your dreary existence that much more bearable. Failing all that, there's a lovely rabbit on the cover.