Dirt. That's what comes to mind when the opening chords of 'Officially Expired' roll into earshot. Churned until it's slightly sweet, but dirt nonetheless.  This is the follow-up to Spook the Herd's 'Freaks' single, which came out in March, and it's an interesting shift in focus.

There's a lovely brew of QOTSA, grunge and old-fashioned power-pop being concocted here - plus it was put out by Seagreen Records, so your metaphorical online wallets should already be half-open, glistening in anticipation. It's muddier and a little more vengeful than their previous release, but it'll appeal to more than just the Park Chan-wook in you.

In purchasing this split with Hellrazor (formerly Dead Wives, which was actually a much better name) you'll get three tracks from both artists. All capable of conjuring the most debauched moments of your life, naturally.