When people describe music as relevant, that usually means it fits in with an emerging  or established scene. It usually means that they have the right look, the right quotes and the right guitars on which to graft an album. They'll never get to album no.2, but no one will notice.

In that sense, Algiers are not relevant in the slightest. 

But today, right now, immediately, we need them.  We have no faith (and by that I don't mean religion), no sincerity and no love. Hate and apathy are on the rise. We see them everywhere.  We need music that cuts through all the bullshit and dares not to play along.

We’ll put our faith into Afro Pop
in a decolonized context
Espouse the aesthetes’
contempt for ethos
Irony. Utility. Pretext.

Here, Algiers pick up the call of Afrika Bambaataa's 'Planet Rock' and run with it, fusing gospel, punk, early DC hardcore and the electronic pulse of Suicide along the way. It's impossible to look away, and impossible to remain unmoved.