Rolo Tomassi have previously confined the beauty in their records to a series of moments. It was a lull, a pause for breath and a chance to reflect before being pummelled once more.

On 'Opalescent,' however, it takes centre stage, buoyed by jazzy drum rolls and shimmering post-rock guitar. The quiet remains as ominous as ever, but this time it comes with patience and an enveloping , velvety warmth that had never been allowed to bloom.

In addition, it sits on what is unquestionably their best record in Grievances. In that context, even the hideous fade-out makes sense, although it doesn't entirely excuse it. 

There are other albums I was going to review and other new releases that I was considering for this section. Now I'm totally obsessed with Grievances and can't seem to remember what those records were. Don't care, either.

This is a beautiful, beautiful achievement.