Sometimes you don't realise how much you've missed a band until they come back. That was the case for me when METZ returned with 'Acetate.' All the soporific, tastefully polite guitar music that had been inflicted on me over the last couple of years was suddenly washed away with a dirty bass riff.

Thankfully, 'Spit You Out' continues in that vein. Gradually making up for all the hideous bands that claim to draw inspiration from Nirvana, METZ join Pulled Apart By Horses as one of the few to actually mould their Seattle influences into new ideas.

This isn't as unhinged as 'Acetate' but feels just as relentless in its angry groove, pummelling its main guitar figure into your heart by the song's end. Picking up METZ II on May 4 should be an incredibly easy decision at this point