It's been 13 years, so you'll have to forgive me for being a little excited about the new Desaparecidos album. Back in 2002, I was at university and Read Music / Speak Spanish was a constant companion. I played it on MiniDisc while walking through the streets of Lincoln late at night, simultaneously hoping that everything was going to work out alright and failing to convince myself that I didn't give a fuck either way.

Following a succession of 7" singles, Desa have finally announced the release of their second record, Payola. Despite having the same title as The Cribs' recent retrospective collection, my enthusiasm remains undiminished.

'City on the Hill' sounds exactly as you would expect it to sound, with a little synth and Cursive's Tim Kasher added for good measure. It's thrashy, political, and just when you start to think it's a little restrained, it ramps up a gear.

It's tempting to demand more after this inordinate length of time between LPs, but we should really just be happy to have them back. And I'm still hoping that everything is going to work out alright.