It’s Brand New, innit? Aside from having a Google-proof band name that makes it impossible to search for news, when they finally release a new song they decide to give it a name that defaults to meme when loaded into a search engine. It’s fairly obvious by this point that they delight in your pain.

Nevertheless, we keep coming back, for the same reason that we keep coming back to Radiohead: because of their apparent disdain for the burden that fanaticism brings, they will always strive to push to their limits, move forward and do something that makes themselves happy.

This is why it’s a bit of a letdown that ‘Mene’ sounds exactly as Brand New did when they released Daisy, mining a combination of Nirvana and Modest Mouse to furious effect. It’s a wonderful, wonderful song, that much isn’t in dispute, and we already know that it sounds immense live. I can’t wait to listen to it in the context of the whole record. But every Brand New LP has been radically different from the last one, and that just isn’t apparent here. Daisy was six years ago. They’ve never been predictable before.

Turn it up painfully loud and try to convince yourself that it maybe it doesn’t matter. It's almost possible. Almost.