There should be so much to the Leon Bridges brand (ugh) to be cynical about. The fact that it seems to have been 1960 for the last 55 years should be bad enough. Then he referred to his video as his Instagram come to life when talking to The Fader. Come on.

In response, Columbia have also styled his record sleeves like their own from that era. The whole thing seems like a calculated move that preys upon our current hunger for simpler times in a climate of global uncertainty and terror. It should be being torn to shreds.

But when the song starts, you forget all that.

Bridges is a great singer, precise and knowing, serving the melody without overwhelming it with acrobatics and unnecessary production tricks. It mimics the early 60s in that sense, too - brilliant pop songs that waste no space, also somehow hitting the sweet spot between gospel, soul and rhythm and blues.

Those still searching for something to be bitter about might wonder if he can carry this off over the course of an album, but a cursory listen to 'Lisa Sawyer' and 'Better Man' will quickly assuage those concerns.

Bridges certainly doesn't need my help - he's going to be massive. But that's no reason to deny him the praise he deserves. This is a wonderful song that should be heard by everyone.