I'm sorry, but the whole Nineties revival going on in music is mostly bullshit. Actually, I'm not sorry at all. The way in which it's closest to the real Nineties is the sheer volume of substandard songwriting  and bands getting signed / revered based on not much more than a look.

Nai Harvest (along with Cheatahs and a few others) are the exception, having taken the time to craft memorable melodies amid the plundering of styles. For Ben Thompson and Lew Currie, those styles are no more than a tool with which to build their own identity.

'Buttercups' might take its initial cues from shoegaze, grunge and the Smashing Pumpkins, but there's a modern overtone to the  chorus that sets it apart. The vocals are too high in the mix; too proud of their own self-loathing to be from that hushed era, and the major key too bright for most Cobain-alikes. There's a great remix waiting in here somewhere, too.

Their new record, Hairball, is out on April 28 on Topshelf.