Brooklyn's Pocket Hercules have just released their self-titled debut record via Bandcamp. It's a bit of a blinder all the way through, hitting a nice mix of Pavement, Archers of Loaf, New York punk and completely unexpected changes in direction.

'Christopher Jesus' is one of the more overtly pop moments on the LP. If I was in any way connected to a record label, I'd say it sounds like a single (do people even say that anymore?).

The song builds to the chorus expertly, hitting a soaring melody pleasantly reminiscent of Jonah Matranga, then softens back into a little riff and matching vocal before hammering you repeatedly until the end. It's like The Spinto Band didn't turn shit after their first record and actually improved instead.

I've made too many reference points already, but the truth is that Pocket Hercules never sound like any of these bands for longer than a few seconds. They're too busy moving the music to other, more interesting places.

The album is available as a name-your-price download, as well as a limited cassette for $5. You've got no reason not to get this, basically. It's marvellous.