I'm sticking with 2006 for today's song. Along with the Cat Power record from yesterday,  The Black Heart Procession's album The Spell was the soundtrack to my entire 2006. Wherever I went, it went too. Featuring ominous tales of terror that occasionally veered into humour, it was a sympathetic companion that would never sugarcoat anything.

In 'Not Just Words,' though, they had the best song that Arcade Fire never wrote. It's got a bouncing swagger that propels the song forward, as if they've simply put new words to a classic soul song from the 60s.

"This will never be forgotten / these are not just words." That statement should be comforting, but here it just sounds like a threat. Things are going to get bad - it's just a question of when. That shadowy area is always the most intriguing, and I'm grateful that it's one which TBHP seem intent on exploring.

Note: This is actually the first time I've ever sought out and watched the video for this song. It's fucking terrible, isn't it? Christ.