Based solely on the three songs made available so far, I'm pretty much ready to anoint the new Cribs record as the best thing they've done since Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever.

With producer Ric Ocasek, the band has shorn on their sound of extraneous noise and ramped up the pop hooks across the board. For All My Sisters is shaping up rather well. Whether we get a Steve Albini-produced punk record to go with the pop one remains to be seen, but that's not really a concern right now.

On 'Different Angle,' there's no shortage of the sarcasm and self-loathing that have populated every Cribs LP, but they're softened by incredibly catchy guitar riffs and cooing backing vocals.

Today might be all about Kendrick Lamar for most of the music world, but it's The Cribs I find myself reaching for this morning. Especially when they teased their own announcement yesterday: