"When will you be happy again?  Who cares.  Keep moving and then, a moment and you realise, hey I’m happy, just now, right now and it comes home and you feel no shame.  No.  Shame. Take a breath." - Extract from Young Fathers' press release for 'Shame.'

On their debut album, DEAD, Young Fathers let everyone know that they were only going to do things their way. They took their time between mixtapes and the LP. They refused interviews with the right-wing press after their Mercury win and had the temerity to look less than ecstatic in their victory photographs.

Now those decisions have been justified, giving them more freedom with their second record. But rather than use that to propel a leap into the experimental ether, what we have in 'Shame' is a tightly woven pop nugget; a Trojan Horse masquerading as the younger, cooler brother to 'Hey Ya.' It's opening line is "nothing but a barefaced lie / is all you cunts can hold on to" but everyone's too busy smiling to notice.

And beneath the upbeat hooks, 'Shame' is an angry song. It kicks against the celebration of wealth and the need to define your happiness through the things you own. That doesn't detract from any of the joy you gleaned on the first listen, though; instead it actually enhances it. Just like they said, it comes home and you feel no shame.