"Everything hurts, but it's fine / it happens all the time."

Those were words Mackenzie Scott gently repeated on her first outing as Torres, against chiming clean electric guitar. It was a difficult record to listen to, as I felt like I was almost willing her through it the whole time.

Now it seems everything still hurts, but it's definitely no longer fine.

There was a little distortion on Torres' self-titled record, but it soon drifted back to the shadows again. On 'Strange Hellos,' it's everywhere, even when it's supposed to be quiet. The tension ratchets up as the song progresses, guitars thickening with each chorus and Scott's vocal becoming more aggressive and harsh until she stops just short of a scream.

I'm sure that she'll start getting compared to EMA, but what they'll really mean is that she's a woman who is influenced by Nirvana. It's completely ridiculous, and only seeks to diminish their achievements. 'Strange Hellos' would've made a fantastic Nirvana song, or if you'd told me this was off a forthcoming Brand New record, I'd have believed that too.

On Twitter I declared it the best thing I'd heard all year. I'm saying the same thing again here.