Any time Nadine Shah gets a mention anywhere, there seems to be an obligation to describe her music as brooding / smoky / dark / noirish.

'Fool' will likely get the same treatment, which would be a shame, because it is as near to a pop song as we've heard from Shah. Its closest relative is probably 'Runaway' from her first record, but even that had a lumbering sort of menace that just isn't present here. Nice nods to Nick Cave in both the lyrics and the video, too.

It's not exactly 'I Really Like You,' and its blend of Interpol goth guitars, mocking lyrics and rumbling bass is unlikely to gain traction past BBC 6Music, but who honestly gives a shit about that?

With this and 'Stealing Cars' now out in the wild, Shah's forthcoming Fast Food LP is suddenly looking very healthy indeed (sorry).