British guitar music is a little bit too polite right now. Everyone's trying a little bit too hard not to offend lest they force anyone to, you know, make an actual judgement. Heaven forbid that a band might want to create something that amounts to more than a background Spotify playlist.

Like Pulled Apart By Horses before them, Leeds five-piece Super Luxury balance an unstable mixture of punk, hardcore, grunge and classic rock, all the time sounding like they're having the absolute best time in the world.

'Constant Delicious' recounts a tale of a royal feast where "the host with the most made a fabulous roast" amid furious noise and 'tourette's'-style guitar workouts.

"How many people are coming?" 

"Just one"


It's brilliant, basically. Their new record, Ten Solid Years of Applause, is out on March 23.