Here's one of those internet opinion-based facts that I know you can't get enough of: ambient / drone records always have the best album covers. Minimal, evocative and completely absorbent to whatever emotion you wish to project onto them when your listening is over. Just look at Femke Strijbol's work with Belgian tape label Dauw, for crying out loud. 

Also from Belgium, Weight of Ages have absolutely nailed their design aesthetic. Thematically linked yet individually distinct, they've put out a series of affecting releases this year, culminating with September's Pillars and Cannes collaboration, Girls of Sorrow.

'Moments' is its cyclical closer that patiently unfolds before you, hinting at lengthy exploration before pulling you back into your actual life with a hypnic jerk. It's both brutally unfair and expertly executed.

There's three tracks up on Bandcamp, but eight available if you make the purchase. FYI, that purchase price is half a Euro. So even if the additional five tracks were absolute bollocks, you still get the other three for half a frigging Euro. Luckily, they're just as beguiling as the rest, particularly 'Crystal' and 'Natural Blonde.'